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Home Owner Responsibilities

Homeowners have almost unlimited opportunity to landscape their property. There are several restrictions, however, necessary for public safety. These include shrubs, trees or ornamentation on corner property that will block the view of motorists approaching an intersection, and trees and shrubs that encroach upon sidewalks or streets. Violations of these rules can result not only in inconvenience to others and a fine, but also result in lawsuits in the event of injury or property damage.

The rules are:

Tree branches may be no lower than eight feet over sidewalks and curbs.

Shrubs cannot encroach upon the sidewalk.

On corners, there cannot be anything more than 30 inches high in a triangular area 25 feet on a side from the corner. This includes fences, shrubs, and anything else that would obstruct a motorist's view. Trees are permitted in this area as long as trunks do not block vision and branches and leaves are not less than five feet over lawn areas and eight feet from the sidewalk level.



Homeowners must obtain a permit from the Village when planting or removing a tree between the curb and the sidewalk area. Either planting or removing a tree is the responsibility of the homeowner, not the Village. However, the village is concerned that a high root tree, such as a maple, is not planted; and when trees are removed that telephone and utility lines, curbs and sidewalks as well as pedestrians and vehicles are protected. Curbs and sidewalks damaged by tree removal are the homeowner's responsibility and must be replaced by the homeowner.

Curbs, Driveways and Sidewalks

The homeowner, not the Village, is responsible for the installation and safe maintenance of curbs, driveways and sidewalks. A permit is required to remove and/or install any of these to ensure that proper construction standards are met and safety standards applied.

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